Come spirit, help us sing the story of our land.

Come spirit, help us sing the story of our land.

Or he’s gonna kill me.

villains weekmost evil/disgusting villain
↳ claude frollo

Beautiful, and willful, and dead before her time.


Usagi is so depressed about Mamoru being kidnapped by the Dark Kingdom that she is unable to focus on anything. Of all the senshi, it’s Minako, who was just introduced and has not had time to become friends with the rest of the team yet, is the one who shows up unannounced at Usagi’s house to help cheer her up.




siren song

(i did the thing)

if i was a mermaid

I think I busted a lung laughing


Mesmers be like



So majestic

GET TO KNOW ME MEME → 10 films
↳  4/10 Mulan


Backstage Tour with Daniel Radcliffe on The Cripple of Inishmaan x


Imagine Person A of your OTP is taking a bubble bath while Person B sits on the edge of the tub talking to them. It could be about anything. They could just be making general chit chat about their respective days or they could be discussing a more serious matter. It’s up to you. 


skitty is my favorite pokemon ;~;